To spot the Big Five on safari – Wildlife Safaris Rwanda

Rwanda is renowned for its rare mountain gorillas with the most exciting activity on Rwanda wildlife safaris, and rightly so. Some 400 of our primate cousins roam the rainforests of Volcanoes National Park, with ten groups available for tracking. But this tiny country has so much more to see. Known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills“, it’s rich with beautiful mountains for Rwanda wildlife safaris, valleys, and lakes, with a gleaming capital city, abundant wildlife, and resilient and gracious people.

Managed by the conservation organization African Parks since 2010, Akagera’s once-depleted wildlife is now thriving. Elephants, buffalo, giraffes, and plenty of antelope can easily be seen, while lions (relocated here in 2015) and leopards are more elusive. Rhinos will soon be introduced too, making the 1120 square kilometer reserve a Big Five destination for Rwanda wildlife safaris. One of Africa’s prettiest national parks, Akagera merits a visit regardless of its wildlife, with lakes and papyrus swamps, vast savannah plains, and undulating highlands in shades of green and gold.

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What Time of Year Is Ideal for Traveling to Rwanda?

The best time to take wildlife safaris in Rwanda depends somewhat on your interests and tolerance for rainy weather. Wildlife safaris in Rwanda can be taken at any time. Gorilla trekking, which is a year-round activity, is the main reason visitors to Rwanda come. Trekking in the Virunga Mountains, home to the gorillas, can be difficult due to the region’s humid climate, particularly during its peak in March, April, October, and November. It is best to go on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda during the driest months (June to August), and Nyungwe Forest National Park hiking is also advised during these months.

The majority of the primates in Nyungwe can be found at any time of year, but chimpanzees are simpler to find during the Wet because they tend to retreat deeper into the forest when food supplies are low. Having said that, the Wet season months can be advantageous if you have good weatherproof gear and don’t mind occasionally getting caught in the rain because they are frequently less crowded and lodges offer lower rates. Additionally, gorilla permits are simpler to obtain during the wet season. “.