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Ovacado Adventures Africa carefully listens to your specific needs, budget, and time frame as we craft our Africa tour package that suits you. See our Uganda safaris tour packages, and Rwanda safaris or combine Kenya and Tanzania safaris tour adventures.

Our Special Africa Holidays

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6 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari

This 6 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari – Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Wildlife Expeditions starts in Rwanda with Kigali city tour then to Mgahinga.

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Africa Adventures

13 Days Uganda Rwanda Burundi Safari

This 13 Days Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda Expedition Safari starts from Entebbe and ends at Kigali International Airport.

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10 Days Uganda Safari

12 Days Uganda Rwanda Group Tour 

On this 12 Days Uganda Rwanda Group Tour with Shoebill Stock Bird Watching Safari besides a night in Entebbe  you will start.

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12 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

12 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

On this 12 Days Uganda and Rwanda group expeditions safari besides a night in Entebbe  you will start in Uganda with a visit…

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African Safari

10 Days Tanzania Walking Safari 

All of our 10 Days Tanzania Walking Safari with Game Drive are designed to suit the client’s need, which includes wildlife game.

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15 Days Uganda Private Tour

11 Days Best of Uganda Safari Tour

This 11-Day Best of Uganda Safaris Tour will take you to Murchison Falls, Chimp tracking in Kibale, on a wild safari.

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Experience priceless moments without breaking the bank. Our tour company brings you unforgettable adventures at unbeatable value.

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Our commitment to quality, safety, and creating memories sets us apart. Join us and discover the world with a touch of excellence.”

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Our guides aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re passionate storytellers and local experts who transform tours into captivating adventures.

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Complimented wildlife viewing in our 4×4 vehicles, and be part of our exciting guides to cater to all your interest while discovering the best adventures in Africa.

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African Safari

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Why Choose Ovacado Adventures Africa?

Ovacado Adventures Ltd is a tour operating company in Africa. Offering a dedicated personalized service with vast experience in planning travel in East Africa. We are ready to plan with you a perfect Africa tour itinerary to meet all your requirements, budget, time convenience, and priority on the areas you would like to visit.

We are also well known for our special interest tours including, amongst others, Gorilla Trekking Tours & Chimpanzee Tracking Tours, Bird Watching Safaris, Game Park Safaris, Mountain climbing, and Forest & Nature Walks.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Africa Adventures

How much is a Gorilla Permit?

How much is a Gorilla Permit?

Regarding the cost of a gorilla permit, each of the countries i.e. Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo has got different costs for the permits. For Uganda, a gorilla permit is $700 per person, for Rwanda $1500 per person and for Congo, the permit is $400 per person. Though there is a difference in the costs, the experience of the trek in any country is unique in its way. There are also discounts on permits in all the countries.

When is the Best Time to Go on Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Africa?

When is the Best Time to Go on Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Africa?

Since mountain gorillas live within tropical rain-forests with slippery and muddy grounds. The dry season is also the best time for gorilla trekking. This is also between June to September and then December to February. However, the mountain gorillas can also be trekked during the wet season to make the tour more adventurous and memorable. More so trekking is cheaper since the permits are discounted at a cheaper rate.

What is Included in the Gorilla Trekking Permit?

What is Included in the Gorilla Trekking Permit?

The permit includes the park entrance fee, the ranger park money that will guide you during the trekking. And the services in the national park apart from the accommodation facility. This also means that a permit also covers the park entrance and the park ranger’s money.

Which Safari Is Better Kenya Or Tanzania?

Which Safari Is Better Kenya Or Tanzania?

Many a time people ask us which safari adventure is better among the two – Tanzania vs. Kenya. And the answer is – combine the two and you get a complete wholesome package that no other Africa Adventures safari vacation could have offered. Although traveling to both countries is possible at an affordable price. Kenya has a larger tourism infrastructure while Tanzania hosts the world’s best national parks. Going for a Kenya Safari is comparatively less expensive however compared to the Tanzania Safaris Tour.

Is Tanzania Worth Visiting?

Is Tanzania Worth Visiting?

Tanzania is a country where you can time travel and get lost in the transcendental form of nature and wildlife that the country has to offer. There is a huge diversity in Tanzania’s Population and Tanzania’s Religion with the more dominating being Islam and its culture.